Our Mission

The mission of Carolinas CARE Partnership is seeking justice through health and housing. To us justice means equity for communities that the system wasn’t built to protect.

Our Story

Founded in 1990 as Charlotte’s first Ryan White Care administrator, CCP has always fought for the rights of LGBTQ+ communities and others at risk for, or living with, HIV. Over the years, as the HIV pandemic shifted, CCP adjusted its model to focus on holistic needs of our communities including social support, access to comprehensive healthcare, housing, mental health, substance use and HIV prevention and linkage to care.

Today CCP is a center for LGBTQ+ communities and people living with, or at risk of, HIV. We provide wraparound services for every step of a person’s unique journey and create affirming spaces for folx to connect with one another. We love and honor your authentic self.

What We Do


Everyone has the right to sustainable and safe housing.

Gender Identity Programs

We all have the right to live and thrive as our authentic selves.

HIV/STI Testing & Prevention

Knowledge is power! Learn your HIV, syphilis and Hep C status.

Peer Groups & Support

Chosen family is a gift. Join our online or in-person community.

Case Management

You're not alone! From affirming referrals to housing support and even formal medical case management, we're standing with you.


Now more than ever, mental health is crucial. Our team are trauma-informed and affirming to folx at every point of their journey.


We don't believe in shame or judgement. Our goal is to support folx reducing risk and staying safe via education, testing & linkage to care.

Education & Training

We believe in lifelong learning. Let us work with your team to deliver trainings in DEI, public health, housing & mental health.