inspired to increase awareness and decrease stigma

About the Program

working to help youth opt out of substance abuse!

The goal of the OPT Out Program is to increase collaboration between Carolinas CARE Partnership and local agencies to address opioid misuse and abuse for those we serve. 

Our target population is LGBTQ people ages 14-25 and people living with HIV.  We are inspired to increase awareness and decrease stigma related to substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS. 

We focus on community engagement and opioid abuse prevention with a trauma-informed, harm reduction approach. 

Ultimately, OPT Out will reduce prescription drug misuse, among those we serve, through our coalition and partnerships with community stakeholders. 

We are working to help youth opt-out of substance abuse!

For More information please contact Leslie Dill, OPT Out Program Manager.

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OPT Out Program Coordinator

Are you interested in being a part of the Opt Out Program?

Please contact Leslie Dill, OPT OUT Program Manager.


Leslie Dill

OPT Out Program Manager