Your Mental Health Matters

We are here to help

We provide mental health services for individuals living with HIV, their families, and the community. We offer many different kinds of mental health resources , including counseling, referrals, and medical case management. 

Our mission is to change the lives of individuals with genuineness, compassion, and respect. Together we will fight to reduce stigma, increase awareness, and provide a new perspective about mental wellness and its importance.

To see if you qualify for our mental health services or to learn more, check out our “more info” button. 

“When I arrived, I was ready to own my stuff. I did not know that owning my stuff would require me to become responsible for healing wounds that I did not create. I have accepted the fact that my healing is an ongoing process. I have now started to value my life and the importance of becoming undetectable. I have now found strategies that allow me to make informative and empowering choices about my health and my life.”