believe in someone who doesn’t yet know they can believe in themselves.

Our Mission

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Seeking Justice Through Health & Housing

Foster And Ensure A Regional Approach To Prevent The Spread Of HIV And AIDS, And To Meet With Compassion And Dignity The Needs Of Those Affected By These Diseases.

Our Story

Carolinas CARE Partnership was established in 1990 as the Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium through a joint effort of the Foundation for the Carolinas and The United Way of Central Carolinas. We were initially the administrator of the federal Ryan White CARE Act and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) programs that provided essential care, treatment and housing services in 13-counties surrounding the Charlotte,N.C. metro area.

We changed our name to Carolinas CARE Partnership in 2010 to better reflect our continued efforts to join with other stakeholders in our fight against HIV. We know the importance of collaboration and that we must all work in partnership to provide comprehensive and innovative services to address HIV issues.

We changed our mission in 2021 to ensure that our focus remains firmly on the ways that lack of housing and lack of access to health care contribute to injustice, especially for people of color, and to ensure that our services, aproach, and outcomes reflect, always, our work towards justice.

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