Housing is Healthcare

Housing Status Has More impact on Health Outcomes than Demographics, Drug & Alcohol Use, and Mental Health Status.


Being Stably Housed is positively Associated with:

  • Effective Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)
  • Viral Suppression
  • Lack of Co-Infection with Hepatitis C or Tuberculosis
  • Significant reductions in Avoidable Emergency and Acute Health Care
  • Reduced Mortatlity

To obtain and benefit from life-saving HIV treatments, People living with HIV MUST have safe, stable housing.

Those with stable housing are much more likely to access Health services, Attend Primary Care visits, receive ongoing care, and receive care that meets Clinical Practical Standards.


Funded Agencies

Project Sponsor for the HUD Funded Housing Opportunites for Persons with AIDS Program (HOPWA).

CCP has developed a Continuum of Care that provides Funding to Agencies for Numerous services and Programs designed to meet the housing needs of low-income people and families living with HIV. 

For a full list of CCP’s Funded Agencies please click below.

Affinity Healthcare Center

Short-Term Rent, Utility, and Mortgage Assistance and Housing information services.


Rosedale Assistance & Opportunities

Security Deposits, Short-Term Rent, Utility, and Mortgage Assistance, Housing Information Services.


Hope Haven

Substance Abuse After-Care Residential Treatment.


House of Mercy, Inc.

Supportive Services - Residential End of Life Care.


Working with Timeout Youth has been an amazing journey...

This is my second year working with Shaq and she has been great. I have faced several obstacles securing housing here in Charlotte as I suspect a lot of people in my age group have. I was first introduced to Shaq through a referral and I was very prideful and timid about the process. I did not know how to accept the help. In 2019 I had just come out of an abusive relationship which put me out of a home and into a DV program. I met with Shaq and planned, and she made sure I secured housing within 2-3 weeks. She also gave me the resources to not only secure housing but to maintain it. I was accepted to the ONRAMP program with her referral, which helped me maintain that stability.

Fast forward to 2020 when my lease was up in the middle of a pandemic. Like most people, my job is working from home now. I did not have the space to accommodate that and my lease was ending, and I was so stressed out. I reached out to Shaq/TOY to see if they would be able to assist me. AGAIN, Shaq was gracious in timing. We met on zoom and she typed up a game plan and followed through. Not only did she help me overcome any barriers facing housing she made sure she listened to my needs/wants and found me something that would fit my family and our budget. I have now moved, and the process has been gracious. I was able to access funds I did not know were available to me that made my transition a lot smoother. Moving is expensive, but thankfully HOPWA funding was available to assist me!! She also offered several follow up services to make sure I have everything I need to be successful in my new home. 

Coming from a person with my background to where housing, even as a child growing up in the foster care system has been a lifelong challenge. I am forever grateful for CCP, TOY and Shaq for their services. It has saved me and my family in a way words cannot express.  Housing is a big problem in Charlotte and every other fast-growing area, but I am thankful to have found a program like Time out youth and a housing coordinator like Shaq!

Lauren M

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How HOPWA Impacts Our community

"I have had clients say that they are very grateful and glad to know about the HOPWA program. They are excited about getting help with housing and other services they had no information on, which can sometimes be a challenge while dealing with their diagnosis and trying to stay clean and sober." - Residential Counselor

“The clients I serve are excited about the HOPWA program. I’ve been happy to provide them with resources to accommodate their needs and make a difference in their lives.” - Clinical Counselor

"Our 63 year old resident, Steve, was homeless and without medical care or hope for his future before coming to Hope Haven. Since being admitted to Hope Haven, Steve has built a strong foundation of recovery and received the medical care he needed to regain his physical health and now has an undetectable viral load! Additionally, with the help of Hope Haven counselors he has been able to apply and be approved for Social Security disability income and is currently pursuing long term stable housing. Thanks for funding from HOPWA for Steve's care, his hope for a long healthy, independent life has been renewed and for the first time in many years he is excited about his future" - Christy Baker, Director of Development

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