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Internship Opportunities:

MSW or BSW Student

Housing Case Management Services for up to 12 families living in agency-owned properties (Summer and academic year placement available)


MSW or Master’s Level Counseling/Mental Health Student

Provide Therapy one-on-one sessions with individuals at risk for HIV

MPH or MPA Student

Assist with research and policy development for the OPT Out Program (ideally have an interest in substance abuse issues and LGBTQIA populations)

stethoscope, hospital, doctor
BSPH or MPH Student

Outreach and recruitment for HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C Testing and Linkage to Care

Marketing Student, Non-Profit Management Student, HR Student

We have options for projects in these areas as well

Please email contact information, internship requirements, resume or CV, and information about your interest in interning with CCP


CCP is seeking volunteers for the following opportunities:

Moving Team

Assists in moving clients to new homes or in picking up and delivering donated furniture for clients.

Outreach Team

Attend testing, outreach, and community mapping events with our Prevention Team to assist in recruiting individuals for testing and other services.

Programs Committee

Review and score applications for funding, interview funding applicants, and make funding recommendations; monitor progress toward program goals and quality improvement initiatives.